HM EI Zrt. has been engaged in research and development activities related to the development of water treatment technologies.

    The development project was implemented as two sub-projects:
  • 1. Production of a sorbing agent suitable for dearsenification
  • 2. Production of water treatment equipment implemented by integrating the developed sorbing agent
    As a result of the development activities in the two sub-projects a containerized dearsenifying drinking water treatment unit, with an output of 8-12 m3/h, was manufactured, which is capable of reducing the
  • iron,
  • manganese,
  • arsenic and
  • hydrogen sulphide
  • content of the treated water below the limit of 10μgr/l as provided for by the European Union, and to reduce the concentration of organic materials, heavy metals and phosphates. Building the containerized system of modularized units results in water treatment capacities that are suitable for serving increased performance requirements, which can be achieved by multiplying the number or the size of the containers and the units inside them.

Our company intends to further develop the finished product by adding a carbonic acid module which can be used at water-intake installations without infrastructure (water network, water technology). The new integrated module will support producing treated water in a closed system (10 to 25 litre jars), which can be delivered to the consumers through a locally implemented logistical system.

Production of the sorbing agent is protected by a Hungarian patent. The patent is internationally recognized, and fully owned by HM EI Zrt. The sorbing agent can be produced after the chemical and heat treatment of a vegetable by-product (carrier) produced in agriculture; the latter is integrated into the processing tower used in the 3rd stage of the water treatment equipment. The filtering (sorbing) material will become inert in 2 to 4 years, depending on the contamination level, and it is destroyed by incineration (it is not a hazardous material!).