Defence Industry Companies of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence

Hungary’s defence industry companies, looking back on a past of more than 50 years, have been 100% state owned since 1992, with the Ministry of Defence acting with the rights of ownership. Each of the four companies operating as privately held corporations have the official title of registered NATO suppliers.

The Main Operating Areas of Defence Industry Companies of the Hungarian MoD:

  • IT operations
  • Security technology
  • Communication technology
  • Combat vehicle technology
  • Electro-mechanical engineering
  • Military equipment disarming, destruction
  • Real estate management
  • Human and technical guarding
  • Radar and missile technology
  • Research and development:
    • UAV system
    • Water cleaning system
    • P-18MH2 modernized radar
    • AK-63F assault rifle modernization
    • Deployable Rapid Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Modular interior superstructure, BUS development
    • KKB-100 Lightweight Public Access Device
    • ARMCOM ATT-24V/40A Power Supply and Battery Charger
    • Implementation of C2 capability of different level command posts

MoD Defence Industry Companies:

HM EI Zrt.

HM Armcom Zrt.

HM Arzenál Zrt.

HM Currus Zrt.