The mission of the Information Technology Division of HM EI Zrt. is to provide the home defence forces with reliable, secure and state-of-the-art information technology solutions that assist them in carrying out their obligations stemming from their duty to protect the security of the Hungary and from our NATO membership.

The division aims to become a leading IT service provider of the Ministry of Defence. In order to achieve our mission and our goals our professional staff is engaged in the following activities:

  • Exceptional IT operation practice
  • Successful operation and maintenance projects for MoD and HDF bodies and supporting organizations
  • Creating and maintaining the conditions for NATO compatibility of the computer simulation systems of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces, and developing operation planning and C2 systems
  • Contribution to the development of the functional information technology systems of the MoD and the HDF
  • Providing security solutions supporting joint task execution by the Ministry of Defence and its supporting institutions in electronic format