Boasting a well-trained staff, advanced technical assets and exceptional competence, our company has been present on the market of protection and guarding services since 2003.

Our area of excellence is manned property protection, which covers the close guarding of more than 250 properties as well as military and other objects that require enhanced security.

    We are a market leader in manned guarding and property protection services because
  • HM-EI Zrt.is one of the largest Hungarian property protection enterprises. We have about 3400 employees providing guarding and protection services for facilities entrusted to us. Every day about 800 persons are on active property protection duty at the same time. Through our subcontractors we provide jobs for 200 more persons
  • we are realiable We guard and protect facilities that are of utmost importance for the Hungarian Defence Forces, and for the functioning of the country
  • we provide an excellent and disciplined service for our customers. Our measured customer satisfaction ratings reflect our customers' steadfast satisfaction. Many of our employees are former professional or contracted soldiers, for whom disciplined, meticulous and cultured conduct became a second nature in their work during their long years of service.
  • we provide advanced equipment and tools for property protection assignments.
  • we regularly review the quality of our services, and operate a central dispatcher service that is accessible 24 hours a day in the entire country
    Key types of our manned guarding and protection services:
  • property guard service
  • armed property guard service
  • armed security guard service

Also, we can provide receptionist and gatekeeper services, building management, consignment escort and passenger security monitoring services.

If necessary, guard dogs, patrol monitoring systems and other technical assets are used in combination with manned guarding.

Armed security guards who are on duty in the installations of the Hungarian Defence Forces are also voluntary defence reservists of the Hungarian Defence Forces. In 2013 they were seen in the most exposed areas, working to contain the flooding of the Danube. In August 2013 they provided guarding and protection services at the Kecskemét Military Air Show.

Our guarding and protection services business unit puts a special emphasis on the organization and further training of a reliable and well-trained staff, ongoing monitoring of their working standards, the provision of state-of-the-art equipment and the creation of suitable conditions for their work.

Our key partners and references:
  • Hungarian Defence Forces, maintenance
  • National Tax and Customs Authority
  • Hungarian State Treasury
  • Hungarian Oil Industrial Company
  • HungaroControll
  • Guarding Services and Property Protection Directorate
  • Director: Sikesdi László
  • Manager: Fülöp Zsolt István
  • Address: H-1101 Budapest, Salgótarjáni út 20., Hungary
  • Fax: +36 1 431 2975
  • E-mail: orzesvedelem@hmei.hu
For information, please call:
Phone:+36 1 431 2900/333