Development of information systems

Our staff has extensive experience in the design and implementation of special military and qualified information technology solutions. We provide an end-to-end service, from the design of systems through development to complete implementation, from establishing the requirements for operation to the creation of operating policies.

With the permission of the National Authority for Cryptography, we are the exclusive developers and producers of certified data security devices for state and government authorities.

We also accept orders for the design and implementation of information technology and telecommunications centres, and for the support of their operation.

Our aim is to use the knowledge of our developers who gained significant experience in the implementation of systems that, in the past, served almost exclusively military and state interests, to provide our customers with a leverage in the civilian sphere.

Operation of information and telecommunications systems

Our operating practice puts a special emphasis on establishing the consistent information management of business and other operations, which is ensured through a combination of competent professionals, suitable procedures and technologies. In addition to the satisfaction of our clients, our work is guided by our quality assurance policies. We carry out our tasks according to proven methods, taking into account industrial recommendations. If it is so requested, operating tasks are attended to by a professional field personnel that is backed by a central support group consisting of experts with extensive and specialized knowledge in a wide range of domains. We maintain a 7/24 operator stand-by service in order to meet the expectations of our customers, and to provide efficient solutions to their problems. Our incident management procedures ensure efficient escalation and precise documentation practices.

As part of logistical support for operation we provide the following services:

  • replacement devices for the duration of the repair or maintenance work
  • completion of repair and maintenance tasks
  • provision of the required parts and consumables
  • administrative services with regard to special service shops and third-party service providers
  • keeping a record of assets and applications, life-cycle oriented management procedures

Through our established connections with manufacturers we offer expeditious solutions even for the most extreme issues.

If so requested, we can organize and maintain the continuous operation of info-communications systems, and provide the necessary staff.

Computerized military simulation and training systems

Marcus is a comprehensive constructive simulation system in which, in addition to conventional combat, urban combat operations, combat support as well as NBC and electronic warfare, aerial warfare, air defence, disaster relief, plus stability and support operations can also be modelled in detail. With this system, regiment, brigade and battalion commanders and their staff can be trained in an environment where leaders and subordinates can study and practice military planning and decision making either as individuals or as a group.

Baglyas is a tactical artillery and fire-control simulation platform that is well suited for individual or group practice of artillerymen or reconnaissance troops. During the mission the system delivers realistic results based on weather and terrain conditions and the characteristics of the target. Baglyas can use a low-speed (ISDN) line to connect to the Marcus system.

The Savaria system uses Oracle iLearning technology to provide a web interface based solution for computerized training and examination.

Support for IT operation

The scope of activities pursued by the support group operates is as follows:

  • reconstruction and consolidation projects
  • security evaluations
  • implementation of custom solutions
  • planning, counselling
  • implementation, supervision of implementation
  • auditing of networks and information systems
  • consulting, training

Operation support is provided throughout the entire life-cycle of information systems, from design, through implementation and operation, to verification.