Guarding PRotection

Since 2003, our company has been present in the guarding protection service market with highly qualified, well-trained staff and modern technical equipment. Our priority area is property protection with manpower, which nowadays includes the strict guarding protection of more than 240 real estates, military and civilian objects requiring increased protection. Why to choose our Company for manpower guarding protection:
  • MoD ED Co. Ltd. is one of the greatest Hungarian safeguarding companies
  • The safeguarding services are provided with nearly 3100 employees
  • We provide guarding and protection services for the facilities of the Hungarian Defense Forces and several priority economic companies
  • We guard the security of the facilities in line with law regulations, by strict observance of legality and responsibility.


The high quality of our services is guaranteed by

  • The continuous training of our employees is ensured by the Education and Training Department of the Company
  • Our leaders have several years of experience gained at the Hungarian Defence Forces and law enforcement bodies
  • We provide modern equipment and tools to carry out property protection tasks
  • Our services are certified according to ISO/IEC 9001, 27001, 2005, and carried out with discipline.
  • The service support is ensured by a central 24-hour dispatcher service.

Main types of our manpower guarding protection service:

  • property guard
  • armed property guard
  • armed security guard

The operation and reinforcement of the guards is ensured by patrols with certified guard dogs.

Further services:

  • consignment security
  • restraint control
  • event security
  • performing special tasks

Our armed security guards performing service tasks at objects of the Hungarian Defense Forces are also voluntary defense reserve soldiers of the Hungarian Defense Forces. We continually monitor the needs of the market. We strive to adjust to the standards of the age and aim for continuous renewal and new methods.

Our key partners, references

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Hungarian Defence Forces
  • Hungarian State Treasury
  • Hungarian Oil & Gas Company Plc.
  • HungaroControl Co. Ltd.


László Géczi
1101 Budapest, Salgótarjáni str. 20.
+36 1 431 2975
+36 1 431 2900/333