One of the decisive branches of MoD ED Co. Ltd. is informatics. The mission of the Electronics and IT Directorate is to provide the Ministry of Defence, the Hungarian Defence Forces and other state institutes with reliable, safe and modern IT solutions, which support the fulfilment of tasks resulting from the sustenance of Hungary’s safety and obligations occurring from NATO membership. The aim of the Directorate is to become the eminent IT service provider of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Ministry of Defence. Recently it employs about 300 specialists (engineers, IT operatives, software engineers). The main profile of the Directorate: providing basic infrastructure, software engineering, development and maintenance of unique systems.


Our initial focus is to provide technical solutions regarding the IT infrastructure, complex, wide systems or system elements and individual infrastructure elements of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Ministry of Defence:
  • establishment of new IT infrastructure
  • enlargement, renewal and maintenance of existing IT infrastructure
  • operation of IT infrastructure
  • creating IT security (virus protection, network protection, data protection)
  • design, implementation and operation tasks (advisory services, providing standardized processes, security risk analysis, compliance with regulatory requirements).

Main technological solutions:

  • virtualization and data-centre technologies
  • local and wide-range, software-based and traditional networks and networked systems
  • built-in security, comprehensive protection against cyber espionage, damage and sabotage through secure, customized tools, configurations and secure system-architectures in line with “Zero Trust Model of Security” and „Kill Chain” model:
    • applying EU and NATO classified products
    • Common Criteria and FIPS certified products and configurations
    • reinforced configurations in line with industry recommendations, best practices and customized needs
    • micro- and macro-segmentation, multi-level depth protection, active and passive perception (reconnaissance), prevention, diversion, exclusion and blocking with border protection and other devices, and with using traditional or artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for perception, analyzation and intervention.


The aim of MoD ED Co. Ltd.’s software centred activity is to perform tasks under its surveillance, in connection with special software system maintenance, operation, support, development (design, implementation and training) for the Hungarian Defence Forces and with special solutions for national law enforcement authorities, services and other public administration fields.

Main activity fields:

  • SAP based financial, accounting, financial management, human, controlling, logistics and VIR system development, operation support (HM KGIR)
  • MoD- HDF Customer Service System (HM KGIR ÜSZR Portal) development, operation support
  • operation of military simulation systems, MILES laser fire-control simulation devices
  • development of military command, control systems
  • MicroFocus IDOL based text mining investigation- and analysis devices (Infovadász)
  • development of Electronic Document Management and Verifying systems for military (iEIR) and civil (Mondoc) utilization
  • operation of softwares in connection with HDF Health Centre patient care (MedWorkS, imaging, financial management and controlling)
  • internal webdesign, portal and other development for MoD according to the current needs.


Sándor Dobi
1101 Budapest, Salgótarjáni str. 20.
+36 1 263 2282
+36 1 431 2900/430