MoD Electronics, Logistics and Property Management Private Company Limited by Shares celebrates its 25th birthday in 2018.

Our legal predecessor, MoD Electronics, Logistics and Property Management Limited Company was founded on 1st January 1993 by the Minister of Defence at the base of the Electronics Directorate of the Hungarian Defence Forces, established in 1981. At the time of the foundation its main profile was designing radio-reconnaissance and jamming systems based on basic components developed by Hungarian industrial companies; development of special hardware and software elements; and provision of training, education and expert consultancy relating to the system-delivery.

In 1995, the Electronics and the Logistics Directorate were established as two independent business divisions. The Ministry of Defence, as the owner, imposed increasing demands on MoD ED Co., especially in terms of property and asset-management, operation and service. To perform tasks occurring from the demands, in 1997, another business unit, the Property Operation Directorate was founded. The experiences and results gained during the property-operation security and guarding protection activities – integrated into various organizational units – led to the establishment of the Security and Property Protection Directorate in 2003.

Thanks to its efforts, MoD ED Co. Ltd. was bestowed the ‘NATO Certified Supplier’ title and as a result, it was the first among Hungarian companies to sign a ‘NATO Basic Order Agreement’.

Maintaining the main tasks, while serving occurring needs, currently the Company’s business activities lie on three main pillars: property management, property protection and informatics.