For 25 years by now, the Property Operation Directorate of MoD ED Co. Ltd. has been successfully completing comprehensive operation, maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting tasks of various objects, facilities, healthcare facilities, dwelling houses, hotels and resorts throughout the country. In addition, the Directorate performs significant investment, development and energetic activities.

The Property Operation Directorate is at the disposal of its present and future clients, with experienced management, reliable expertise, 25 years of property management experience, solution-oriented problem management approach and a stable ownership background.

We perform our activities throughout the country by established regional premises, within three Divisions.

The MoD ED Co. Ltd. Property Operation Directorate - taking into consideration the market specificities - provides high quality and comprehensive property operation, maintenance, investment and development services for its clients. Our Company’s reliable, favourable and customized services relieve the procurer. We perform our significant benchmark services with own staff of 1,000 and sub-contractors of 1,500 people throughout the country.

Regional headquarters: Operation

  • Budapest operation group – Headquarters: Budapest
  • North Hungary operation group – Headquarters: Szentendre
  • North-East Hungary operation group – Headquarters: Miskolc
  • South-East Hungary operation group – Headquarters: Szeged
  • West Hungary operation group – Headquarters: Székesfehérvár

Regional premises: Maintenance-Service

  • Budapest
  • Székesfehérvár
  • Kaposvár
  • Szeged
  • Debrecen


Property operation

Modern property management is of great importance since, taking into account the entire lifecycle of the facilities, a significant part of the costs incurs during operation. Therefore, the timely design and continuous control of complex work processes and related expenditures is not only a technical factor but also an important aspect of management.

Our main activities performed within the field are complex:

  • Heating and DHW service
  • Energetic service (monitoring, checking, managing invoices for public utility consumption)
  • Building cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Pest-control and rodent destruction
  • Park and forest service
  • Scavengering, snow removal, skid proofing

Our operation branch provides the technical operation of real estates: maintenance of building structures, sanitary engineering systems, building electricity systems, interior cleaning, cleaning of buildings, maintenance of external areas of buildings, plant and garden care, outdoor tread cleaning and skid proofing. On request caretaking, dispatch service, pest control, preventive maintenance, fire alarm systems, lifts, property protection systems, sanitary engineering systems, configuration of weak and power- current systems.

Main references

  • Management of MoD facilities
  • Cleaning services at HungaroControl Zrt.
  • Technical operation of the National Tax and Customs Office’s several real estates
  • Operation of B-A-Z County Hospital and University Educational Hospital
  • Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital and Clinic, Balassagyarmat
  • Cleaning services at Bács-Kiskun County Police Headquarters

Real estate investment, construction, renovation

The activities of the Directorate cover both the defence and the civilian market; it performs different construction, renovation tasks and the execution of these works for several billion forints annually as main contractor. Our company plays an increasingly important role in the construction market year-on-year. Our staff has many years of professional experience, and its professional composition covers the entire field of construction.

Our activity includes the complete implementation of office buildings, residential buildings, education, health and ministry buildings. We undertake renovation and modernization of existing old buildings according to the technology of the 21st century.

In the course of the execution, we carry out the professional interior architectural, mechanical and electrical work, construction of an external public utility network, including the planning and licensing procedures if necessary. Construction works are carried out through our own, qualified or our involved, trusted entrepreneurial circle.

Main references

  • National Development Agency Managing Authority for International Cooperation Programs
  • Budapest Police Headquarters
  • Kiskőrös Micro-region Multipurpose Association

Priority projects

  • Implementation of Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower
  • Implementation of Radar tower
  • Implementation of educational operating room at Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces Premise Nr. 1.
  • Wastewater-heat utilization project at Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces Premise Nr. 1.



The main activity of the field is the quality assurance of various maintenance and troubleshooting tasks (maintenance and troubleshooting of central heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment; security systems; waterworks; repair of electric machines, equipment, pumps; electric shock- and lightning protection measurements). In order to maintain the efficiency of national operations, we are currently in Budapest, near Székesfehérvár, Kaposvár, Szeged and Debrecen.

Our specialists deal with the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of buildings, sanitary engineering equipment, drinking water, heating and hot water systems, air and air conditioning equipment, professional kitchens, high- and low voltage power networks.

Maintenance specificities

  • Heating, hot water supply maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Water supply maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Sewage supply maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Electric network maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning equipment maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Refrigerator system maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Power hoist maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Master builder maintenance, troubleshooting

Major numbers of our activities

  • Industrial cooling systems: more than 500 pieces
  • Stokers: nearly 2000 pieces
  • Oil- and gas burners: more, than 1000 pieces
  • Alleviators (water- and heating): more than 3000 pieces
  • Cooling systems: more than 5000 pieces


The Mobile-Building Department - thanks to its wide-ranging professional composition - performs master builder activity (maintenance paintings, roof repairs, furniture repairs, masonry and tiling tasks) implementation with own staff in Budapest and its surroundings, furthermore it performs construction works in investments ran by the Company within business contract framework.


Our well-boring services contain the following:

  • construction plan
  • procurement of permissions (water licensing permit, hydrographic log, operating license)
  • implementation of heat- pump probe drilling for water well, monitoring well; well renovation, chemical treatment, general water chemistry and bacteriological testing, basic condition testing
  • camera survey of well
  • construction workmanship
  • maintenance and upgrading of existing hydrophobic water supply and sewage pump replacement (MOBA)

In order to ensure continuous and smooth performance of the maintenance tasks, we provide on-call and standby services. In case of malfunctions that cannot be solved by local forces, to ensure fast elimination, we operate regional and central 24-hour dispatcher services which is at our partners’ disposal in case of need.

Service Division

Energetic service

Tasks performed under the energetic service are the following:

  • Preparation, signing, operation and review of contracts for public utility suppliers (electricity, gas, district-heat, water and sewage, waste shipment) selected under the tendering procedure.
  • Continuous analysis and evaluation of energy consumption, unit prices and energy costs, and monitoring of energy management.

In the event of a mandate, we elaborate proposals within the framework of our energy rationalization program to reduce energy demand, environmental pollution and environmental stress as well. In our proposals developed by our company specialists, besides other investments, we create resources for more rational utilization of energy, improve efficiency of utilization and offer opportunities for environmental damage mitigation.

Main references

  • At about 10 locations, within the framework of the Environment and Energy OP tender implementation, participation in the installation of a 0.5 MW capacity solar power system.
  • Implementation of the sewage-based heating and cooling system of Róbert K. blvd. hospital in Budapest
  • Implementation of heating system modernization projects for different institutions.

Dwelling-house management

Within dwelling-house management activities we provide the complete maintenance and operation of various residential buildings, housing estates, maisonettes, hostel accommodation and some of its administrative duties (invoicing of flat, hostel, accommodation rental- and other fees, recording of payments, calling on debtors, complete implementation of assets-management, apartment house common cost administration, preparation of bank transfers, etc.). In the whole territory of the country, in about 73 settlements, we handle almost 4000 apartments, hostels. In the hostel buildings, we provide caretaker service and operate a 24-hour porter service. Our 24-hour dispatcher service provides instant troubleshooting.

Main references

  • Hotel Pátria
  • Hotel Hadik
  • Hostel at Timót str.
  • Bp. VIII. district, Százados str.. 51-65. residential community
  • Bp. XIII. Hun str. 8. family hostel
  • Veszprém, Kádárta residential community
  • Kecskemét, Lechner u. 3.

Our key partners:

  • MoD Defence Economic Office
  • Hungarian Defence Forces Materialsupply Storebase
  • Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital and University Educational Hospital
  • Budapest Police Headquarters
  • Centre for Budapest Transport
  • Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital and Clinic, Balassagyarmat
  • HungaroControl Co. Ltd.
  • Hungarian State Treasury
  • Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.
  • Hungarian Post Ltd. (Magyar Posta Ltd.)
  • National University of Public Service
  • National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary
  • Central Administration of National Pension Insurance
  • Somogy County Police Headquarters


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