The directorate's activities cover both the defence and civilian market where it undertakes, as project leader, and performs various construction and rebuilding tasks.

Our organization can also install and reconstruct technical systems of buildings, building engineering systems, drinking water, heating and hot water supply systems as well as HVAC equipment, professional kitchen, plus low-voltage and power supply networks.

Building projects

Our company plays an increasingly significant role on the construction market. Our staff's expertise spans several years and its professional composition covers the full spectrum of the building industry.

Our operations includes complete construction of office and residential buildings, educational and medical facilities and buildings for ministries. We also undertake the restoration and modernisation of old buildings according to the technology of the 21st century. Construction projects involve special-trade, interior design, engineering and electrical works and the construction of outdoor utility networks, and if necessary we can also attend to planning and licensing tasks.

We put a special emphasis on the further education of our staff and their participation in lectures and professional presentations so that our colleagues can put their knowledge of the latest technologies to good use.

The most important projects are completed with the involvement of a qualified and reliable group of subcontractors.

    Our key references:
  • Managing Authority for International Cooperation Programmes, National Development Agency (project value: nearly HUF 500 million)
  • Budapest Police Headquarters (project value: about HUF 300 million)
  • Kiskőrös Multi-purpose Small Region Association (order value: about HUF 300 million)
    Projects in progress:
  • NATO Security Investment Programme, capability package 5A0044, project 3WI17004, construction of Medina 3D radar site
  • "NATO Security Investment Programme, capability package 3A0053, project 3AF17103 - Construction of a search and rescue helipad, and project 3AF17107 - Creation of design documents required for the implementation of a lighting solution for a search and rescue helipad, acquisition of the required permits and completion of the construction and implementation tasks of the required installation."
  • Property Operation Directorate, Facility Operation Division, Contracting Team
  • Contact person: Zsófia Pál
  • Phone: +36 1 347 7748
  • E-mail: pal.zsofia@hmei.hu