MoD ED Co Ltd. as a licensed Adult Education Institution has been engaged in adult education activities since 2008. Our adult training activity focuses on the field of personal and property protection under the public profession courses of the National Qualifications Register (NQR), and other professional trainings.

In addition to the general quality policy of MoD ED Co Ltd.'s management manual, the company defined its quality policy in relation to adult education activities, similarly to environmental policy, confirming its commitment to the importance of adult training activities and the high level of professionalism.

Quality management is a priority task and responsibility of the Company’s management and all employees of the Adult Education Institution. We undertake the mediation of values that have a positive impact on knowledge, achievements, professional advancement, personality, social environment and career of the participants. The development and progress of the participants in the training will be tailor-made, taking into account their abilities and expectations.

Our goals:

  • To provide professionals with self-confident and up-to-date knowledge, experience-based skills, who are able to deliver their work by performing high standards of professionalism and are prepared for everyday challenges;
  • The management of MoD ED Co Ltd. and every member of the Adult Education Institution have committed themselves to high professional quality work. Our aim is to deliver the trainings and services we provide according to predetermined quality principles, fully meeting the expectations of our partners and trainers, adapting quickly and flexibly to the changes and ethical norms of the public service vocational training group and the practical knowledge;
  • Maintain our national professional recognition (market leader position in guarding protection in the public service group) and our service reputation, with our real knowledge to expand our network of relationships, which is guaranteed by continuous human and asset infrastructure and professional innovation of education.


The main profile of our training activity is the continuously renewing armed security guard training, which also provides the reinforcement of our nearly 2000 members’ large staff (most of our armed security guards are also voluntary defence reserve soldiers).

During our trainings, MoD ED Co Ltd. aims to prepare participants with skills who possess the necessary professional, legal, criminal and psychological theoretical knowledge required to carry out manpower security guard activities. This enables them to carry out guarding protection tasks professionally and effectively, in line with professional principles, rules, measures of tactical elements and methods developed for resolving offending acts.

Over the past three years, during our courses, nearly 900 participants were trained with a satisfaction rate of 98%, resulting in 95% of the training participants were integrated into our staff.


Our trainings are available for Hungarian citizens.

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  • Permission to perform adult education activities.
  • Market-leading position in in guarding protection in the public service group.
  • Customer-driven philosophy, reliability, fairness, flexibility, non-complaint adult education activity, compliance with legal and adult education regulations.
  • Mobility: ability to train at different venues.
  • Trainer pool with first-class, specific knowledge; human-oriented education.
  • Quality and quantity assurance of training tools, equipment. Modern training infrastructure.
  • Mediation of modern knowledge. Developed, effective, practice-oriented training methods.
  • Knowledge-based professional career opportunities.
  • Career orientation adult education services, representing and validation of the importance of life-long learning.


  • Qualitative training for obtaining NQR vocational qualifications, accurate tracking of professional and examination requirements, and mediation of innovative professional skills.
  • Organize, deliver and design trainings that are attractive and in line with the European Union competence and qualifications framework, so that the skills gained during our trainings become nationally and internationally acknowledged.
  • Our long-term goal is to combine and integrate the training for the acquisition of the Armed Security Guard qualification and the voluntary defence reserve military training. In the future, we would like to offer this training opportunity to any beginner or a career modifier who are devoted to the military reserve service and the active, challenging work of armed security guards.

„Teachers only open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”


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